A treatment with the  Cosmetic Corrector is the gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery. The combination of plasma and NF+ technology, currently makes the plasma pen unique, world-wide.

This is an especially gentle and low-pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent results – immediately. Additionally, due to continued tightening after the treatment, we see further vast improvements, with plasma skin tightening.

NF+ Technology – First in the World 
The A|C|C|O|R© Cosmetic Corrector was the first Plasma pen to utilise a Low frequency delivery of the plasma arc. This enables the treatment imprint to be wider, and shallower than traditional thermal only devices. The benefits of which are a greater tightening effect allowing for better results, a quicker healing process and less down time to the client.

Proven Track Record 
A|C|C|O|R© have been supplying the German market since 2013 and has established partners across the globe. With 1000s of successful treatments delivered coupled with a commitment to continuous development. Todays A|C|C|O|R© Cosmetic Corrector specialist has the confidence that a team with unrivalled experience is always there to support.

Established Multi-level Training Program Included. We believe the key to successful treatments is in the skill of the operator. We demand that every A|C|C|O|R© practitioner undergoes a rigorous training and support program. Two days of training are including as standard with every pen, and must be completed to reach A|C|C|O|R© Pro standard. Our dedicated training is delivered on a ONE Trainer, TWO student only ratio and supported with ongoing mentoring and peer review through our closed support network.

Key Benefits of A|C|C|O|R© Cosmetic Corrector

  • Next generation NF+ technology
  • Multiple treatment applications
  • Better results - quicker recovery
  • Non-invasive
  • Tightening effect continues after treatment
  • Proven clinical record since 2013
  • Affordable investment & fast ROI
  • Multi-level training programs
  • Continual peer review & support network
  • German design and UK manufacture
  • Full marketing support


Start immediately:
Your A|C|C|O|R package includes the following elements, enabling you to offer treatments, like our non-surgical facelifts, immediately:

  • Cosmetic Corrector and charging unit
  • Full consumable and aftercare pack for 12 treatments
  • 2 x 1-day training module vouchers and mentor support
  • Tweezers
  • Marketing pack, including Point of Sale, Social media imagery and posts
  • Website Listing
  • 12 month equipment warranty
  • Commercial and clinical ongoing support

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€6,750.00 €8,000.00